Duty Free Tease

27 Jul

So my friend, Brian, got back from London and brought me back a nice little present from Duty Free. I begged him to bring me back something for me and he had agreed. I gave him a 100 pound limit, a list of distilleries that I really enjoy, a list of what I already had, crossed my fingers, and set him loose.

He was nice enough to take a picture of it sitting on his busy computer desk to tease me…

A Highland Park 21-year (47.5% vol) and Talisker Double-Matured Distillers Edition (45.8% vol) bottled in 2008! Excellent work, my friend. I have never tasted either one and I have never been more excited. The Talisker Double-Matured seems to have been placed into Sherry casks to affect the flavor. I am so pumped.

I am having dinner with Brian on Wednesday so I will keep you posted. It is making me crazy knowing that those two bottles are out there and I have not tasted it, yet!

Brian knows this fact.


One Response to “Duty Free Tease”

  1. Brian July 28, 2009 at 1:58 am #

    Oh yeh… he knows alright. 😉

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