Scotch Whisky Reading and Reference Materials

10 Aug

So you need to learn more. You found yourself at the liquor store and staring at the wall of single-malts–drooling–but having no idea what you were looking at. Did you feel overwhelmed? A fish out of water? Did you nearly pass out?

Well fret no longer, new pal o’ mine! You just need a little guidance from the master. No, not Scotch Finder!

Michael Jackson.

NO, not the recently deceased pop-singer, Michael Jackson:

THIS Micheal Jackson. The no-so-recently deceased Beer/Wine/Whisk(e)y connoisseur!

This guy obsessed over whisky for all our sakes, so you should perk up those ears of yours and listen! Here are a few of his publications and why you may want to pick them up:

  1. Michael Jackson’s Complete Guide To Single Malt Scotch (5th edition) and (4th edition) – This handy guide gives you an overview of basically everything you would probably want to know as a scotch lover. He also lists most scotches that you will find on the shelf and rates each one individually. The latest publication is the 5th edition, but I find that many of the bottles I find on the shelf are found in the 4th edition. This book is great for having around when you are staring at a huge selection of single malts and you have determination to bring a sweet bottle home with you.
  2. Whiskey: The Definitive World Guide – This book is covers all types of whisk(e)y and the distillation processes of all major whisk(e)y producing regions: Scotland, America, Japan, etc. He does not get as specific with listing as many bottlings as #1 above.
  3. Scotland and its Whiskies: The Great Whiskies, the Distilleries and Their Landscapes – As you can imagine, this book covers the distilleries more specifically. The book is full of vivid pictures and details that the other books (#1 and #2) tend to leave out..

If you are only going to pick one book, pick up the Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch.

Thanks, Michaels. For different reasons, of course.


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