The Ardbeg Committee’s Newest Member

23 Aug
I received my first packet from the Ardbeg Committee in the mail today. You are reading the blog of the Ardbeg Committee’s newest member, #392084! I am not entirely sure how serious the Committee is, but I am looking forward to being notified about all of the interesting drinks that come out of this wonderous distillery.

The pamphlet the Committee sent me with the Rules and Regulations was quite humorous, especially the part about hiding my special bottles I am unwilling to share under preganant ladies’ skirts and under the covers in a newborn baby’s crib. Awesome.
Not to mention I got an aweseome sticker!

Where I’m going to put it, I have no idea.

In case you live in a hole, Ardbeg is a very popular Islay single-malt scotch that you can find in almost any liquor store. Their flagship, Ardbeg 10-year, runs around $50-60 a bottle in Virginia ABCs. It is generally very smokey with a slight iodine nose to it. Definitely not for the faint of heart. I highly recommend placing one of these bottles in your collection.


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