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Missing in Action

4 Oct

As one may have noticed, I have been totally missing in action for the past month. Not that someone who reads about scotch whisky would care, but I just bought a new home and have been dealing with the utter disappointment in my attempt to buy the domain “”.

“Who would want that domain? Why would anyone be rushing to snap that domain up other than the idiot who refers to his scotch conquests as ‘the Scotch Finder?'” are questions I had asked myself for a good month and a half as I let the previous owner lapse in his ownership of the obscure domain.

Who would want that domain? A fart face, that’s who. Someone who snaps up domains to resell them like a house-flipper.

Not even this guy would steal my random domain for a buck

I attempted to buy the domain from this idiot (not the harmless guy in the picture above from the Bravo show “Flipping Out”) for a small profit for him. This jerk, however, wants $750 or I can take a hike.

I took the hike. I am definitely not forking up a bundle of cash that I could be spending on super delicious rare scotches for a convenient domain name to go along with my moniker.

So now I wander through my scotch finding alone on an obscure blog name attached to blog spot. Oh yeah. We held our 2nd tasting last Sunday that I still need to recap. This will be coming really soon, I promise!

Such is life.