Ardbeg Heaven

25 Jan

Recently, I had to say goodbye to something I had grown quite attached too. My Ardbeg 10-year was merely a few months old when I had tapped it out via drinking, sharing, and our private tastings.

You will be sorely missed. That is, until I replace you with a beautiful brand-new twin of yours.

The beauty about Ardbeg 10-year is a virtual army of positive points:

  1. The smell. The heavy peat and smoke hit your nostrils like a powderkeg. Newbies to the world of strong flavors and smells may want to keep their nose further away from the glass when they sniff, but I can spend hours with my nose right next to this lightly golden whisky.
  2. The taste. Highly rated by all of the major whisky rating folks (e.g. the late-great Michael Jackson, the over-the-top Jim Murray, the Whisky Advocate), this young consistent superior flavor is loved highly by peat and smoke loving scotchies1.
  3. The availability. You can get it almost anywhere that sells even remotely decent single-malt scotches. I even found it in a small town in West Virginia.
  4. The price. Generally between $40-50. There are plenty of decent brands, ages, and styles in this price range, but when you are looking for something as delicious and satisfying as this, the only remotely comparable bottle (notably, another Ardbeg; the Uigedail) is about twice the price of the 10-year.

I am mostly excited that there is a heavy hitter on the market with a reasonable price that is easy to believe in.

Coming up: PC7 — a unique wonder of the scotch world.

1 This is a word I just made up and I already regret the lameness of it. Accept my apologies for being totally lame in this posting.


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