Curious Amateur vs. Connoisseur OR Off the High-Horse

25 Jan

Here we go again, folks. I have gotten over the fact that some greedy so-and-so took my coveted precious domain
The more I engross myself into the enjoyment of scotch whisky, the more I find that people assume that I have become snotty about my drams. They perceive that my particular behavior with how I prefer my drink served in an aromatic-friendly glass means that I obviously would not like anything under the age of 20-years. The fact that I enjoy my scotch at room temperature, no ice, and generally (though not always) skip splashing a bit of water into my glass means that if it does not cost more than $200, I will not even TOUCH it. “Yuck! Is that a BLENDED??! Get that out of my face, scrub!”
I have also been called a “connoisseur.”

This is where I become conflicted. I really enjoying intriguing people into walking the plank head-first into the scotch whisky ocean, but I also do not like to be labeled that way. My enjoyment of drinking scotch only kicked into full-force in April of 2009! That is hardly enough experience (no matter how much people think I drink) to become the next Michael Jackson (no, not the recently deceased pop star… see here).
Hell, when do you even become a connoisseur?
In my opinion, that is the day that I put down the glass because I have learned everything there is to know about this wonderfully new alcohol buddy of mine. Just ask me about him/it sometime and I will be happy to tell you what I think I know.

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