Why I Drink Single Malt Whisky

14 Sep

It seems like every time I whip out a single-malt, someone is bound to ask one of two questions:

  1. “Which single-malt is your favorite?”
  2. “Why are you so obsessed with single malt scotch whisky?”
In order to pick my favorite whisky, you would you have to catch me on a certain night and ask me then. It depends on my mood at that moment. It is almost easier to choose which ones I don’t like, which are few and far between.
Basically–for me–that question does not have an answer. I wish I could choose one, but the Ardbeg Uigeadail and the Talisker 25-year both have qualities that I covet. Constantly. Not in the alcoholic way. Yikes! What? Look over there.
The second question above is a bit more easy.
I really enjoy the taste, sure. The nosing really super fun for me seeing that I have a beak-like nose with the scent-sensing of a grizzly bear (though I wish I could just discern the “nuttiness” that every scotch whisky reviewer seems to note… what freakin’ nuts are you smelling?!?). Is there a bit of a pretentiousness to it? You bet.
My obsessiveness towards whisky is something I never expected:

That’s Luke (I’ll use a pseudonym so no one gets hurt or offended). You are witnessing his first taste of Ardbeg 10-year out of my stash. Needless to say, he enjoyed it quite a bit. Our other newb in at the class, Scott, sent me a text message about how he bought his first bottle, the Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban the day after our get together. Awesome.
I love sharing my obsession with others for some unknown reason. Converting others into enjoying whisky and creating new whisky drinkin’ buddies has become an absolutely passion.
Drink it.
Scotchfinder out.

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