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Party Source plans to add bourbon distillery | |

31 Aug
Party Source plans to add bourbon distillery | |

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As you may have read in my prior postings, I am a big fan of the Party Source in Newport, Kentucky. If you have no heard of it, it is a major hub of wine, liquor, beer, and odd party-related items. They do tastings and all sorts of neat events frequently.

But WTF? I know most Kentucky whiskey is made in that area, but a liquor store is making its own distillery?? I suppose that crazy Uncle Jim Beam making his moonshine in the backyard may be a little weirder, but if you have ever been to the Party Source… well… it is a very nice establishment. I would not, however, place it on a list of potential developers of new liquors.
But then again, I could be completely off on this gut reaction. My left eyebrow will skeptically remain up in the air until I get a taste of their product.

Special shout out to Tim K. for the hot whiskey tip! 


My New Favorite Distillery – SPOILER ALERT!!!! It’s Bruichladdich.

30 Aug
I have been a bad Scotchfinder. All of the people out there that need my assistance in finding the greatest value for their whisky cash have been accumulated fists and fists of slowly deteriorating (via inflation) greenbacks with nothing to blow it on. Well have no fear! I’m back!

I have done my best to update my scotch stash list in the right-hand bar. I did some cleaning out (goodbye, Laphroaig 15-year, Isle of Jura Superstition, Ledaig 10-year, and Longrow CV). **SINGLE TEAR**

My wife and I took an amazing trip to Scotland. D**n right. Scotland. With this in mind, I have about 1,000 posts that I could post. I could also slap you in front of a slide projector (for the kids, click here to see what a slide projector is) and make you look at all 1,000+ photos we took on the trip, too. Both seem like really bad ideas, wouldn’t you agree?

Here are the Scotch Whisky highlights in order of coolness:

  1. On my visit to Bruichladdich, I got to meet my hero, Jim McEwan. He also took us on a private tour! Why? Because THE Scotchfinder was visiting him? You’d probably have to ask him about that, but my vote is that he would say, “Who? What are you talking about??”
  2. The Bruichladdich tasting room was the most generous, impressive, welcoming, and NOT like a whisky factory where you are treated like a sheep.I spent two days on Islay. My new favorite place on Earth.
  3. I got to visit all of my favorite smoked-out distilleries: Ardbeg, Lagavulin, Laphroaig, and Bruichladdich.
  4. My visit to The Royal Mile Whisky Shop was a 3 hour ordeal where the staff was completely welcoming and over the top patience with the Finder dude.
  5. Edinburgh Castle visit. Speechless on this one.
  6. I visited the Talisker distillery, but ended up running into about three wild peacocks wandering along the road.
The best of the best goes to Bruichladdich for giving my wife and me such a wonderful welcome. They really made us feel special and there was really no reason in the world they had any obligation or incentive to do so. Maybe it is their charm. Maybe it is the fact that they remind me of all the 1990s rockers who swore they would never sell out (before actually selling out). From the feel at the distillery, it would take a serious financial meltdown for them to ever give in to the pressures of any other distillery out there.

Bruichladdich already has my favorite line of whiskies in existence (Jim McEwan’s PC series). Now they stole my heart.

For all of this, they are now my favorite distillery. Go ahead, ask me.

I will try my best to focus and give bits of the above events in coming postings. I really just needed to get a little warmed up!