REVIEW: Springbank 18-year

1 Sep
Distillery: Springbank

Bottling: Distillery
Age Statement: 18-year
Brand type: N/A
ABV: 46%
Price: $150-170
Where Scotchfinder found it: MacArthur Beverages

Springbank 18-year

I am not going to lie. Springbank makes me feel guilty. Maybe it is the price of each bottle, no matter the age statement. Nah, it is the price. Springbank is a pricy malt. I can never quite reconcile the price with the quality and justify each dram.

Nose: 24
Call me a sucker for sugar, but this one is syrupy sweet all the way and I haven’t even taken a sip. I can almost see the sugar like heat off summer licorice-coated blacktop. You can smell the age of the wood seeping out of your glass as well reminding one of a dried fruit of some sort. No doubt the mustiness from the older casks are creeping around and just taunting you to drink.

Body: 22
Thick and yummy. Sits on the back of your tongue before…

Taste: 21
…it bites the sides of your tongue! Not sure what that was, but the alcohol hit a little sharp here. You can really taste the barley and oak on this one. Sweet as expected, but a with a bite I was not expecting.

Finish: 23
Faint licorice bounces around with a faint shoe-polish(?) before disappearing way too soon. I cannot express that enough. I really wanted this to hang around and it just kind of faded. Is this my price consciousness prodding me with regret? Nah.

Scotchfinder Total: 90


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