Review: Ardbeg Alligator 2011 Release

19 Sep

Bottling: Distillery
Age Statement: N/A
Brand type: Alligator
ABV: 51.2%
Price: $90-$110
Where Scotchfinder found itThe Party Source

Ardbeg has been showing its real willingness to take risks as well as be an advanced marketing machine. Almost all of the releases in recent years has had the trademark Ardbeg flavor which I can only assume comes mostly from their wilderness laden water source. Peat peat peat peat.

I was able to get my Ardbeg Alligator by luck through some connections and I couldn’t have been more excited to try it!

Nose: 24

Ardbeg Alligator 2011

The “Alligator” taste profile name comes from the amount of charring done to the barrel. Imagine a log thrown into a bon fire. After a little while, the log becomes very charred and has a cubed-texture that resembles alligator skin. The charring has three levels, low, medium, and alligator. The more the barrel is charred, the more the whisky is able to physically travel through the wood obtaining the flavors contained in the wood. In this case, these are used bourbon oak barrels, so one should assume the bourbon would take center stage. Not so, actually. There are hints of bourbon on the nose, but after that, the bourbon is overwhelmed by the rest of the Ardbeg Alligator contents. Lots of smoke and peat as Ardbeg normally provides.

Body: 22
It is Ardbeg . It almost never changes with these newer releases and generally does not disappoint. The only exception to this is the Ardbeg Blasda.

Taste: 24
Here is what I was looking for–something different. The first unique taste that smacks the bottom of your tongue is the cigar ash tray flavor. This sounds gross, but for some reason, it works. This taste dwindles with each sip, but I have most definitely not experienced a taste like that before! Otherwise, you are going to get the staple belt leather, tobacco, and smokey peat. Yummy yum yum!

Finish: 23
Again, this is an Ardbeg . If you have had it before, you know what I’m talking about. The finish tends to be a reverberation of everything you have already experience and unless you brush your teeth, eat an onion raw, and chug some Dave’s Insanity Sauce, you will be tasting this buddy for a while. Ardbeg‘s signature finish is probably my favorite part of all Ardbeg releases and this new addition is no exception.

If you can get your hands on one of these, I highly recommend it for any peat head!

Scotchfinder Total: 94


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