Review: Port Charlotte An Turas Mor

20 Sep
Distillery: Bruichladdich

Bottling: Distillery
Age Statement: No Age Statement
Brand type: Port Charlotte Multi-vintage (An Turas Mor)
ABV: 46%
Price: $90-$110
Where Scotchfinder found it: Royal Mile Whiskies

Full disclosure: I have a fondness for Bruichladdich. I also am in full love with the PC series. Let us begin:

Port Charlotte – Multi-vintage
(An Turas Mor)

Nose: 22
**Sniff sniff** Mmmmm. Smells like peat. Metallic (some would call it citrusy notes) peat. Heavy metal peat… but with a weakness that the others in the series do not have. Where art thou? I’m really struggling to dig my huge nostrils into this one. When I catch it, though, yum.

Body: 22
Medium oiliness.

Taste: 21
Burst of immediate pepperiness. This one hangs out on the back of the roof of your mouth, but does not stain your mouth like the other non-multi-vintage. The smoky peat is good, but again, why so weak? I know it was reduced to 46% from the low 60%s, but it really shows. It may be more palatable at a lower alcohol level, but boy does it suffer in an overall way.

Finish: 22
The sweetness of this bad boy shows itself dancing on top of the smoky peatness. It has a fairly quick finish, though. You still feel aftershocks, but mostly as a faint rumble in the background.

I really had the highest of hopes for this one, but I feel that Jim McEwan knew what he was doing when he released this bad boy in its individual parts as PC5 through PC8. I love you, Port Charlotte. I will drink this one when I do not want to damage my lovely parental bottles.

Scotchfinder Total: 87


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