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Party Source plans to add bourbon distillery | |

31 Aug
Party Source plans to add bourbon distillery | |

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As you may have read in my prior postings, I am a big fan of the Party Source in Newport, Kentucky. If you have no heard of it, it is a major hub of wine, liquor, beer, and odd party-related items. They do tastings and all sorts of neat events frequently.

But WTF? I know most Kentucky whiskey is made in that area, but a liquor store is making its own distillery?? I suppose that crazy Uncle Jim Beam making his moonshine in the backyard may be a little weirder, but if you have ever been to the Party Source… well… it is a very nice establishment. I would not, however, place it on a list of potential developers of new liquors.
But then again, I could be completely off on this gut reaction. My left eyebrow will skeptically remain up in the air until I get a taste of their product.

Special shout out to Tim K. for the hot whiskey tip!