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Central Liquors in DC

8 Aug
So there I am, making a specific journey to Central Liquors in DC, when I see their old-timey neon sign poking from the side of their old-timey building.

What a cool place to swing through on my way to a friend’s I-just-quit-work happy hour at Buffalo Billiards in Dupont Circle. Their single-malt selection is fabled among some scotch whisky colleagues so I journeyed in to find their rightfully noted amazing selection (check it out here).
They have everything. Crazy amounts of Bowmore, an unheard of three different bottles of Ardbeg, four different Glenmorangie bottlings, every Laphroaig bottle I have ever coveted, several nifty Gordon and McPhail bottlings, etc. I was impressed to say the least.

Oh no, please don’t let their be a downside. There is a downside. But their should not be! But there is.

I have no idea why the prices were what they were, but every bottle was marked up nearly $20 above every price I have seen elsewhere! Say it ain’t so, Central Liquors! Your selection is so amazing–several limited edition bottles just sitting on the shelf for me to ogle!

Ah yes, but it is true.

A bottle of Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban was listed for $70+! This bottle can be purchased at a Virginia ABC store for $49.99! What the heck, Central Liquors?

To the proprietors of Central Liquors: are you buying bottles from the Virginia ABC and then marking them up? Pearson’s Wine and Spirits is destroying you in the price factor. I love your selection, but your prices are ridiculously high and I have to rate you very low on my list.
…And with that, I go to bed. Sad and disappointed in a local retailer.