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New York City Trip – Summary – Awesome.

17 Aug

I would say the trip was exactly like we had planned, but I would be lying.

We arrived in Manhattan several hours earlier on Friday than we thought we would. What better utilization of time, but to go to a quick dinner and hit the Museum of Modern Art (aka “MoMA”) on Target Free Ticket Friday? We saw several amazing masterpieces.
Why would I tell you this on a Scotch blog?
The next day (Saturday morning), Mrs. Finder and I wake up and walk down the street to a local wine and liquor shop so I can peak in and look at a couple of bottles’ prices from the night before. You know, for comparison’s sake… uh…. Wait… Oh no…
The doors were locked. Panic starts to ensue. “Oh no. NO.”
I immediately call Park Avenue Liquor Shop (where my entire afternoon was planned to be spent) and I receive the answering machine, “We are open MONDAY through FRIDAY… We are CLOSED on Saturday and Sunday.”
*Sigh* So basically I make a trip to New York City to go to the fabled Scotch store only to find out that they are the only liquor store in the entire world that is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
As I sit there stewing in my own stupidity and on the brink of tears (I wish I was lying), Mrs. Finder begins looking up local shops to take me to to make my crushed little heart feel better. She has a great idea. Park Avenue Liquors may have an awesome selection, but with the plethora of local liquor stores scattering the city, I can probably find a better deal on something great at another shop. This is why she is Mrs. Finder. Rock n’ roll.
  1. Crush Wine and Spirits (I will discuss in a little more depth later this week).
  2. Astor Wines and Spirits – Their selection was not that fantastic or mind blowing, but nothing to shake a stick at either. Their prices, however, were phenomenal!

Here are the new additions to my scotch whisky single-malt family:

  1. Highland Park – 12 year old (an absolute steal at $31.99 USD!)
  2. Cragganmore 12-year old
  3. Clynelish 14-year old
  4. Old Pulteney 17-year old
#5. Ardbeg Supernova! I did not even know about this malt until I spoke to the whisky pro at Crush Wines and Spirits on Saturday morning! From what I have read so far, this is an ultra-peated Ardbeg. Where the normally really peaty Ardbeg 10-year old’s smoke level is 25 ppm (parts per million), the Supernova is 100 ppm! I’m a little nervous it is going to be undrinkable, but I can’t wait to try it. I will definitely let you know when I pop it open.