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Kilchoman – I will find you, dammit!

19 Nov

Dear Kilchoman,

You have been hiding from me from the past 6 months. You are from Islay so I would like to taste you. I will be very upfront with you–I will be very disappointed if you do not make my taste buds happy.

Yours truly (maybe),

Scotch Finder

$60 Reward
Wanted for several infractions including: not being shipped
to the U.S., being coy when I haven’t met you yet, and
being an overall bugger by not be available.

UPDATE: Thanks goes out to JJenkins (see comments section below) for reporting that the mega-liquor-store, Binny’s, actually already has the aforementioned Kilchoman in stock and on sale on their website! Liquor laws may get in your way, but you can always roll the dice on trying to get it shipped!